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Stainless Steel Cold Brew Carafe

The Stainless Steel Cold Brew Carafe is ready to serve up delicious hot or iced cold coffee or your favorite home-brewed iced tea. Start the morning off right, set that spectacular brunch table, or have your fresh brewed pick-me-up drink on hand for that afternoon slump while working at home. This cold brew carafe comes with an easy-to-use strainer that keeps grounds and leaves separate and ready to pour. Cold brew coffee produces a smooth cup every time without the bitter taste that sometimes comes with hot brewed techniques. Elevate your everyday drink, make it a daily ritual to savor. Handcrafted by artisans in India working with Noah's Ark International Exports. What began in 1986 out of one family's home in Moradabad, is now a business of 20 independent fair trade workshops.

How-To Cold Brew


  1. Add 1 cup coarsely ground coffee to strainer, place within the carafe
  2. Add 4 cups room temperature water to carafe
  3. Swirl the strainer gently within the carafe to "mix" grounds
  4. Cover and let sit for 10–20 hours (overnight is perfect)
  5. Serve at a 1:1 ratio with any milk or water
  6. Heat up or serve over ice
  7. Enjoy!


  1. Add loose leaf tea or tea bags to strainer, place within the carafe
  2. Add 4 cups room temperature water to carafe
  3. Swirl the strainer gently within the carafe to "mix"
  4. Cover and let steep as desired
  5. Remove strainer so that it doesn’t over–steep or become bitter
  6. Serve with a twist of lemon, some mint, as is
  7. Enjoy!


  • Materials: Stainless steel, brass
  • Measures: 4"D x 8.5"H
  • Care: Dishwasher safe
  • Notes: 40 oz capacity
  • Handcrafted in India

SKU: 6892540


Noah's Ark International Exports is a fair trade handicraft marketing organization in Moradabad, India. Noah's Ark provides benefits such as education and medical treatment for artisans and their families. As artisan businesses become more self-sufficient, Noah's Ark takes on new families. Since the company's inception, about 20 artisan workshops have become independent. Noah's Ark started in 1986, in one room of a family house in Moradabad. Businessman Samuel Masih observed that exporters and middlemen were taking advantage of handicraft artisans. He started Noah's Ark to promote these artisans and their crafts.

Welcome to our global maker-to-market movement where, together with 20,000 artisans, we ignite social change. We create opportunities for individuals, families, and communities in developing countries to thrive through strong relationships, fair wages, safe working conditions, and sustainable practices.