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Now through July 7th, select clearance products are an additional 15% off the wholesale price. See discount in cart.
Select clearance is an additional 15% off through July 7th.

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Can I send you a csv file with an order? Yes! If your POS system has the functionality to create an order as a csv file, we would be happy to use the file to add the products to your cart. We would then email you a link that would let you edit the cart as needed so you could quickly place the order. The csv file should have a "SKU" column and a "Quantity" column. Send the csv file to

When will my order ship and where is it coming from? We ship from Pennsylvania and work very hard to get orders out within 5 business days from when the order was placed. Most orders leave our warehouse within 3 business days after we receive the order.

I forgot an item on the order I just placed. If I contact you, will you be able to add it to the order? Unfortunately, we aren't able to do this. Please plan on adding the missed item/s to your next order.

How much are the shipping charges? For orders under $500, the shipping is 6% of the invoice total. For orders over $500, ground shipping is usually free. There is a running total with a reminder in the cart area so you will know how close you are for free shipping. Our goal for domestic shipping is to “break even” on costs. On rare occasions, typically due to a combination of distance from our warehouse in Pennsylvania and the size or weight of products on an order, the shipping costs will far exceed 6% of the order total. In these cases, we reserve the right to contact customers to discuss options to ensure a mutually beneficial relationship.

I need expedited shipping. What should I do? Please call Customer Service at 877-883-8341, either BEFORE or at the latest within one hour of placing your order. Expedited shipping is costly since charges in part, are based on shipment size and weight.

I just received my order and there's a problem. You can contact us at or at 877-883-8341. Please have the following information available; your account number, the SKU of the item you are claiming or requesting a spare part for, the original order number that the claimed item came on, and the problem with the item (overage, shortage, damage, etc). We are happy to help.

Do you offer drop shipping? No, we do not offer drop shipping for wholesale customers.

Do you have spare parts available? Spare parts may be available for certain products with multiple pieces. Please contact us at or 877-883-8341with your request.


Where is your wholesale policy posted? The Wholesale Account Policy is posted Here.

How do I change my email address? Please contact us through the Chat feature online, or, or 877-883-8341.

I have a product suggestion, what is the best way to send this to you? We appreciate your suggestions for new items and how to improve existing ones. Please send your product comments to, with "Product Comment" as the subject. We will pass these along to our Purchasing Department.

When will new items be available? Normally we introduce new items almost every month. Look for an email from us each time new items are made available for purchase.


How can I download an image of your products as a JPG or PNG, rather than a web page (Webp)? There are two options to choose from:

1. Install a Chrome Extension that allows you to save the image in those formats: Chrome Extension After the extension is downloaded, right click on the image from the main Category page (It does not work on the Product page. You would need to click on the image from the Product Page to open it in the large 'preview' page). Then select the "Save Image a Type" option to choose your format.

2. A second option would be to download the image as a Webp, open it in MS Paint (or similar app) and then save the image in the format of your choice.